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Board President - Doug Husen, J.D.

Mr. Husen serves as a Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church for nearly 20 years. He was Superintendent of Crossroads Christian School (1,000 K-12 students) in Corona. He was US Marketing Manager for Pacific Image Electronics, a Taiwanese based company. For 10 years, he worked as a Marketing Specialist for IBM creating plans and programs to address opportunities within schools, colleges, and university marketplace. He graduated from California Polytech Pomona University with a BS in Marketing Management.

Board Experience


Glenn Rogers

Glenn Rogers is an accomplished senior Fortune-class executive who has played a major role in guiding the growth of dozens of global industrial, retail, and technology companies. Rogers recently retired as Senior Partner with Accenture ($39B revenue, 459,000 employees and operations in 55 countries) running Oracle’s Products Industry practice globally. He led engagements for Fortune clients in the Retail, Consumer Goods, Industrial, Life Sciences, Automotive, and Travel sectors, over a 25-year period. Major clients included Honda Motors, Williams-Sonoma, and numerous State and Local governments. He is considered one of Accenture’s leading partners in the design and implementation of Oracle systems from CRM, Finance, to HCM, design of the overall architecture, and implementation. While quite technically competent, he “speaks human” and distills the complex to understandable terms.

Rogers is also a certified Board Leadership Fellow by The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).


Board Secretary - Joleen Smith, EdD

Dr. Smith is the Executive Principal at Crossroads Christian High School (CCHS) in Corona, California. As principal she implemented a learning environment emphasizing collaborative learning methodologies and technologies based on her book, Let’s Collaborate! ™ Collaborative Learning Techniques for Life-long Learners. A Facilitator’s Guide of Researched Tools and Materials . She has pioneered the A-G classes and students receiving college credit towards their Associate Degree during high school. Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at Hope University and Azusa Pacific University where she has taught the following:

• Student Teacher Supervisor for California Teaching Credentialing
• TEP 517/518 Methods of Teaching Reading and Writing
• TEP 527/528 Teaching Strategies and Models of Instruction
• TEP 547/548 Curriculum and Assessment


Edward Watson

Mr. Watson is finishing his PhD at UC Irvine (Expected Dec. 2019). He has study Mandarin Immersion programs and is an expert in curriculum.
He also holds 2 Masters. MA University of California – Irvine (2017)
Sociology. Thesis: Keeping Up With the (Zh)oneses: Mandarin Immersion and School Choice and MA Washington University in St. Louis (2013) in East Asian Studies. He speaks Mandarin and lived in Chongqing for 4 years observing education there. Field Exams: Consumption in Modern China, and finally BA University of Missouri – Columbia (2005)

He is a current PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of California - Irvine. His experience in the classroom dates back to over ten years, and he intends to continue serving as a teacher and mentor inside and outside of the classroom. He has experience working in an educational environment with students that possess a wide-range of abilities and represent different age groups. Also, he is experienced with what is required in preparation for working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

His current work examines how recent immigrants, primarily from East Asia, impact native-born Americans. I explore these phenomenon by investigating Black and White student enrollment in foreign language immersion programs.


Miller Zhuang

Mr. Zhuang was born and lived in China until the age of 21 when he was selected because he was in the top 5% academically of Chinese students. He was allowed to go overseas to study after China’s Cultural Revolution. After completing his college degree in Canada, he traveled to Venezuela and worked with Chinese immigrants for 7 years. Now a fluent Spanish speaker, the Latin culture prepared Mr. Zhuang to help in his work with 2008 earthquake survivors in Chengdu. Government leaders honored Miller for the 10-year anniversary of the Sichuan Earthquake. Mr. Zhuang was the guest speaker. Mr. Zhuang’s training system is still being used to train generation after generation of teachers to recognize and help troubled kids. Mr. Zhuang is greatly respected in Beijing education and speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish, and 3 other languages.