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I want my daughter to attend IIA because, as an American born Chinese, I realize that by simply going to Chinese school once a week is simply not enough. In order to learn a language, it requires immersion in the language in an environment in which the child does not even realize they are learning the language. While many children speak their native language at home, they inevitably lose their language skills as they get older. As a teacher and a parent, I hope my daughter is able to acquire more Mandarin at an early age in a way that is developmentally appropriate, educational, and most importantly, fun. IIA Parent


I have joined the Irvine International Academy not only because it is a bilingual school, but also the school's emphasis on globalization and diversity! I believe that my children will gain knowledge, learn both languages, grow interests and make many friends! Finally, I look forward to joining the big family of Irvine International Academy, and I also look forward to more parents and children coming to study at IIA (translated from Chinese). IIA Parent

I joined IIA because I want an edge for my children. Growing up in an ever-changing environment, I want my children to be worldly and what’s more worldly than speaking multiple languages. IIA Parent

We have been eagerly anticipating IIA's approval and opening. We joined because we know from our own experiences growing up that you really need to be exposed and immersed in different languages very early rather than later in life. And it's important that children are taught in a way that is a part of their education, not something extra on the side. We want it to be normal for our children to understand, problem-solve, play, think and create in Mandarin and English.  IIA Parent

I choose to enroll both my kids in IIA because of their Mandarin immersion program. I grew up with a bilingual education, and personally feel that it helps add another dimension when experiencing different cultures, travel and food. My bilingualism also helped my career in allowing me to gain experience while working overseas, which I was eventually able to leverage into my dream job in the gaming industry...  IIA’s immersion program is a critical first step in this lifelong journey!  IIA Parent

Contact Dr. Scott at (951) 892-8907 for help or email me at drscott@IrvineIA.org
For families who speak Mandarin only (只說中文的家長), please contact our founding principal,
Steven Chuang 莊校長, at (949)-242-6164 or schuang@IrvineIA.org.

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